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Back Pushers, Excavators and Backhoes Rental in Perak, Malaysia


What our client say about our tractor services

excavator supplyRental of  Excavators Tractor at Ipoh Bercham

The customer service rendered both pre-sale and after sale has been absolutely fabulous to say the least. Work at our site have been speeded up tremendously. Production output has also increased dramatically. Thanks to the back pusher and excavator operators. Thanks Uni-Strength Tractors Work for the wonderful equipments that we ordered from you!

From: 新市镇Strength To Point

backhoe tractor supplyRenting Back Pusher Tractors and Excavators

We have been looking around for a tractor company that could suit our needs for top notch machines to aid us in our ever expanding clientele list. Uni-Strength Tractors Work was highly recommended by our associates who have done business with them directly. That certainly put our mind at ease. True to their word, customer service was top notch, rental fees were very attractive and the equipments arrived looking brand new. Thumbs up!

From: Golden Angle Properties SB

Rental of  Back Pusher and Backhoe

Uni-Strength Tractor Work's reputation for reliability and efficiency certainly isn't for show only! We have tried different tractors companies offering similar products/services but none gave us the most value for money, especially in these tough times where every cent counts. Deliveries were on time, machines were in perfect working condition. Hats off to the professional drivers who delivered the machines to our various sites. We will certainly be using Uni-Strength Tractor Work as our preferred partner of choice.


Supplying Back Pusher and Excavators

We heard about Uni-Strength Tractor Work's excellent service from our clients and decided to award the project of a land parcel to them. The fees were very attractive andback pusher tractor supply

was well within the budget.And we were very pleased with the time and efficiency that the project was finished in. The final results were way above our expectations and allowed the construction process to begin way before the estimated date. We will definitely seek Uni-Strength Tractors Work's for future projects!


Rental of  Back Pusher and Excavators

Past dealings with some other similar service providers had left us disappointed. Be it pre-sales or the manner which the project was carried out with. Uni-Strength was a breath of fresh air. The detailed quotations and proposals were outstanding, not to mention the excellent and attractive prices listed. The machines arrived in tip top condition. Maintenance and repair work rendered were absolutely brilliant. Response time taken for repairs and changing of spare parts were quick. Highly recommended!



back pusher tractor rentalRental of  Back Pusher and Trucks

Worried about late deliveries, equipment in bad condition? There was none of those with the ones from Uni-Strength Tractor Work! Everything was prompt and detailed. From the 1st call made to the delivery, everything was handled in a professional and friendly manner. That really put our minds at ease. The pricing was very attractive too. Looking forward to our next collaboration! Thumbs up.

From: Golden Angle Properties SB


Rental of  Back Pusher and Excavators

We were a young company taking on our very first project and felt the need for a reliable tractors provider to ensure the project went without a hitch. Uni-Strength Tractor Work was brought up by one of our employees who had previously worked for another firm which had sought Uni-Strength's services. We decided to engage Uni-Strength's services as we felt they were most suited to our requirements. And we were very pleasantly surprised with how everything went. The tractors we ordered arrived in pristine condition, enabling us to complete the project far below projected date. Thanks Uni-Strength Tractors Work!

From: LAW HOW HOOI Enterprise


Rental of Construction Equipments

Back Pusher Tractor Rental
Excavator Rental
Backhoe Rental

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