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Back Pusher Tractor, Excavator Tractor and Backhoe Tractor Operator Job available in Uni-Strength Tractor Work, Ipoh Perak

Employment of Back Pusher Tractor Operator

Do you enjoy using Back Pusher Tractor? If so, have you considered a career as a back pusher operator?

back pusher tractor operator

The requirement and Qualification of Back Pusher Operator

Licensure or back pusher tractor operator

According to Ministry of Traffic Malaysia, all the back pusher driver must obtain the licensure of category of H (Tractor mobile construction heavy vehicle (with wheels) weight more than 5000kg). A good driving experienced is required.

Tractor operator and the environment safetyback pusher operator malaysia

Often, back pusher tractor was rented to move construction materials, earth, and other heavy materials in the construction industry. To be a Back Pusher tractor operator, safety and competent are very important characteristic that we need.

Technique of operating back pusher and tractor maintenance skilfulness

Experience of operating back pusher and the basic repairing of tractor is needed to be a tractor operator.

Tractor Operator is able to commit unusual working hours

Tractor operators may have irregularly working hours because work on some construction plans continues around the clock or must be completed late at night or early in the morning. For example, a main road may need to be terminated to be worked on and so work can only be performed between midnight and five am.

Working unconditional environment and weather

Tractor driver must be able to work in nearly every type of weather condition and projects.

If you think you meet the tractor operator requirement, you would be invited to be our tractor operator team. Please fill in the tractor operator form application by clink below link


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