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Back Pushers Tractors Rental Service in Malaysia, Perak

Back Pusher Tractor Renting Service

If it's pushing or pulling power you need, renting a back pusher (tractor) is the best choice for your construction work!

back pusher tractors rental  back pusher tractors rental services

Why choose our back pusher rental services?

We are the leading back pusher supply company that provides back pusher rental services in Ipoh, Perak. We have more than 30 back pushers which are available for rental all day. With any rental of our back pusher, professionally trained back pusher operators will be provided to assist you.

Usage of Back Pusher Tractor

Back Pusher tractors are rented for pushing soil, sand, rubble, and gravel on a wide range of small scale and large construction sites, mines and quarries, heavy industry factories as public Engineering projects as well as farming. If you would like to know more about our tractor back pushers, visit back pusher tractor usage and back pusher history.

Back Pusher versus Bulldozer

Why use back pusher for your construction work and not bulldozers? The most critical factor is the competitive rental rate. Do you know that rental of a back pusher is much more cheaper than a bulldozer? A back pusher tractor can achieve your requirements.



Best choice for Using Back Pusher for pushing large quantities of

soil, sand, rubble and gravel


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