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Back Pusher Tractor Rental in Perak, Malaysia

Back Pusher Tractor Introduction

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Look at this image, what appears in your mind? I believe most people might think this is just a Ford 5000 tractor. You are partially correct but it is not mainly used for agriculture in Malaysia. This is called a “Back Pusher Tractor”.

Have you ever heard of a “Back Pusher Tractor” before? If you are not living in Malaysia, the term “Back Pusher Tractor” might seem alien to you.

A Back Pusher is actually a Ford 5000 tractor, which is assembled with the bucket and would work in reverse gear. It is mainly designed for pushing use in tin mines in the 1960s. This idea was brainstormed by a man who was working as miner at Malim Nawar, Perak. Perak is a state in Malaysia, where there are substantial resources of tin deposits.

The Invention of the Back Pusher totally changed the tin mining industry, it was at least a hundred times more productive than artificially pushing tin. It helped save the amount of time compared to traditional methods and tremendously increased the amount of tin mined.

In the 1990s, the mining industry was in a steady decline. The construction industry however, was on the rise in Malaysia. The Back Pusher proved to be a very good tool in all construction work sites. It was used to push large quantities of soil, sand, rubble and gravel. Although it has less power than the bulldozer, rental fees and the spare parts of the Back Pusher are much cheaper than the bulldozer. As a result, the Back Pusher plays an important role in the construction industry in Malaysia.




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